The Stretton Street Affair

The Stretton Street Affair
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  • William Le Queux, William Le Queux
  • Tom Weiss
  • 14. Februar 2022
  • 08:38:00
  • Copyright:
    2022 Erika, 2022 Erika
Hugh Gabriel has recently been repatriated from the war and has rejoined his old firm as an... mehr
Produktinformationen "The Stretton Street Affair"
Hugh Gabriel has recently been repatriated from the war and has rejoined his old firm as an electrical engineer. On the way to visit his uncle one night, he is asked by a servant if he would be willing to meet with his wealthy master who is in some distress. Hugh becomes witness to, and directly involved with, a dastardly murder. Or has he? Who is this mysterious millionaire Oswald De Gex he has been asked to meet with? Is Doctor Moroni an honest physician or a diabolical monster? And what about the fair Gabrielle - but then, is there more than one Gabrielle? Le Queux, the Master of Mystery once again weaves an intricate plot which takes Hugh Gabriel to locations throughout Europe as he tries to unravel a scheme that he does not understand, nor why he is involved.
Kapitel Titel Spielzeit 1 Prologue 15:00 2 Introduces Oswald De Gex 29:00 3... mehr
2Introduces Oswald De Gex29:00
3The Sister's Story19:00
4Who Was Gabrielle Engledue?18:00
5Facing the Music16:00
6The City of the Lilly17:00
7Another Puzzle19:00
8The Millionaire's Apprehensions20:00
9Little Mrs. Cullerton19:00
10Some Plain Speaking15:00
11Monsieur Suzor Again18:00
12The Absolute Facts18:00
13Red, Green, and Gold17:00
14Some Interesting Revelations17:00
15The Gate of the Sun16:00
16The Intruder16:00
17Another Strange Disclosure15:00
18What the Professor Found16:00
19More About the Mystery Man16:00
20The Track of Despujol16:00
21Mademoiselle Jacquelot17:00
22At the Hotel Luxembourgh17:00
23Gabrielle at Home16:00
24The Death Drug18:00
25Yet Another Mystery16:00
26What the Valet Knew19:00
27More About Mateo Sanz16:00
28A Curious Story11:00
29Love the Conqueror21:00
30Another Plot07:00

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