An Eye For An Eye

An Eye For An Eye
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  • William Le Queux, William Le Queux
  • Tom Weiss
  • 29. Januar 2022
  • 07:23:00
  • Copyright:
    2022 Erika, 2022 Erika
Frank Urwin and Richard Cleugh are two bachelor journalists sharing a flat in London. One evening... mehr
Produktinformationen "An Eye For An Eye"
Frank Urwin and Richard Cleugh are two bachelor journalists sharing a flat in London. One evening while chatting, Urwin receives a telegram from a police acquaintance to come to the local police station at once. Urwin visits Inspector Patterson who is greatly agitated. Patterson invites Urwin for a drink and tells him of a strange occurrence at a local house. The two visit the house where they discover a dead young male and attractive young female. For some reason, Patterson is reluctant to report the apparent murders. While at the house, the telephone rings and Urwin answers it. A strange voice asks if the deed has been done? Urwin indicates it has and agrees to meet the caller at St. James's Park. Urwin finally convinces Patterson to report the crime and a second visit occurs with additional police. This time however, the dead female is not the same person.
Kapitel Titel Spielzeit 1 The Mystery Man 15:00 2 The Penny in Paper 26:00 3... mehr
1The Mystery Man15:00
2The Penny in Paper26:00
3An Appointment12:00
4The Three Cards20:00
5The Second Woman19:00
6What I Saw In The Park17:00
7Eva Glaslyn17:00
8Some Remarkable Evidence17:00
9The Love of Long Ago16:00
10On The Silent Highway20:00
11Beauty At The Helm19:00
12The Deformed Man's Statement22:00
13Dick Becomes Mysterious22:00
14The Hapless World14:00
15The Near Beyond18:00
16In The City19:00
17A Visit From Boyd22:00
18You Will Never Know - Never!12:00
19Eva Makes Confession18:00
20A Night Adventure19:00
21Under The Leaden Seal20:00
22In Defiance of the Law15:00
23Her Ladyship11:00
24The Truth Revealed and Conclusion33:00

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