The Czar's Spy

The Czar's Spy
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  • William Le Queux, William Le Queux
  • Tom Weiss
  • 27. Januar 2022
  • 09:30:00
  • ab 8 Jahre
  • Copyright:
    2022 Erika, 2022 Erika
William Le Queux was a British novelist and prolific writer of mysteries. Indeed, mystery... mehr
Produktinformationen "The Czar's Spy"
William Le Queux was a British novelist and prolific writer of mysteries. Indeed, mystery surrounds the author himself as to whether he was a spy or rather just a self-promoter. Regardless of which is true, Le Queux brings us a story of intrigue and espionage that travels across Europe in the true spirit of a good mystery. There are shootings, burglaries, romances, escapes from prisons, and intricate conspiracies that may surprise and leave you scratching your head as you try to solve this "whodunit". In the best tradition of a good mystery however, you may need to wait for the final chapters to discover the truth.
Kapitel Titel Spielzeit 1 His Britannic Majesty's Service 32:00 2 Why the Safe was... mehr
1His Britannic Majesty's Service32:00
2Why the Safe was Opened28:00
3The House 'over the Water'31:00
4In Which the Mystery Increases32:00
5Contains Certain Confidences29:00
6The Gathering of the Clouds28:00
7Contains a Surprise28:00
8Life's Counter-Claim29:00
9Strange Disclosures Are Made30:00
10I Show My Hand30:00
11The Castle of Terror, Pt. 130:00
12The Castle of Terror, Pt. 240:00
13The Strangler43:00
14A Double Game and It's Consequences33:00
15Her Highness Is Inquisitive16:00
16Just off the Strand27:00
17Marked Men16:00
18The Truth About the 'Lola'28:00
20Contains Elma's Story35:00

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