The Green Rust

The Green Rust
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  • Edgar Wallace, Edgar Wallace
  • Don W. Jenkins
  • 30. Dezember 2021
  • 07:56:00
  • ab 10 Jahre
  • Copyright:
    2021 Erika, 2021 Erika
The chase is on to stop Dr. Van Heerden before he can release the threat of the Green Rust and... mehr
Produktinformationen "The Green Rust"
The chase is on to stop Dr. Van Heerden before he can release the threat of the Green Rust and take over the world in this exciting page-turner, originally published in 1919, from the undisputed "King of Thrillers, " Edgar Wallace. During the 1920's and 30's, it was said that one of every four books read in England was written by Wallace, who ultimately produced 173 books and 17 plays.
Kapitel Titel Spielzeit 1 The Passing of John Millinborn 14:00 2 The Drunken Mr.... mehr
1The Passing of John Millinborn14:00
2The Drunken Mr. Beale20:00
3Punsonby's Discharge an Employee19:00
4The Letters That Were Not There15:00
5The Man with the Big Head14:00
6Mr. Scobbs of Red Horse Valley16:00
7Plain Words from Mr. Beale16:00
8The Crime of the Grand Alliance14:00
9A Crime Against the World20:00
10A Fruitless Search15:00
11The House Near Staines16:00
12Introducing Parson Homo14:00
13At Deans Folly15:00
14Mr. Beale Suggests Marriage15:00
15The Good Herr Stardt15:00
16The Pawn Ticket15:00
17The Jew of Cracow18:00
18Bridgers Breaks Loose15:00
19Oliva Is Willing14:00
20The Marriage11:00
21Beale Sees White16:00
22Hilda Glaum Leads the Way14:00
23At the Doctor's Flat14:00
24The Green Rust Factory12:00
25The Last Man at the Bench12:00
26The Secret of the Green Rust15:00
27A Scheme to Starve the World13:00
28The Coming of Dr. Milsom14:00
29The Lost Code13:00
30The Watch12:00
31A Cornchandler's Bill07:00
32The End of Van Heerden23:00

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