Antoine de Saint-Exupery - The Little Prince

Antoine de Saint-Exupery - The Little Prince
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  • Antoine de Saint-Exupery, Antoine de Saint-Exupery
  • Kelli Winkler
  • 25. März 2020
  • 01:34:00
  • 6-8 Jahre
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    2020 Strelbytskyy Multimedia Publishing, 2020 Strelbytskyy Multimedia Publishing
The Little Prince (French: Le Petit Prince) – is an allegorical fable and the most famous work of... mehr
Produktinformationen "Antoine de Saint-Exupery - The Little Prince"
The Little Prince (French: Le Petit Prince) – is an allegorical fable and the most famous work of Antoine de Saint-Exupery. It was first published in April 1943 by publisher "Reynal & Hitchcock" in both English and French. Saint-Exupery wrote the novella while living in New York City; a city he fled to after the occupation of his native France by Nazi Germany. The literary roots of the fable are based on the wandering plot of the rejected prince; while the emotional – on a child's view of the world. The story line is built around the travels of the Little Prince who hails from the tiny planet B-612. Gradually, his journey becomes not just the literal movement from planet to planet, but more of a way to discover life and the world. Thanks to Saint-Exupery's artistic methods, adult readers see in the fable, a transcript of a conversation of two old friends; while children get a vivid and easily understandable description of the world that surrounds them. Due mostly to these two factors, The Little Prince has achieved such high levels of recognition and popularity.
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1Intro: the Little Prince00:00
2Chapter 103:00
3Chapter 204:00
4Chapter 303:00
5Chapter 405:00
6Chapter 504:00
7Chapter 601:00
8Chapter 704:00
9Chapter 804:00
10Chapter 903:00
11Chapter 1007:00
12Chapter 1102:00
13Chapter 1201:00
14Chapter 1305:00
15Chapter 1404:00
16Chapter 1505:00
17Chapter 1601:00
18Chapter 1704:00
19Chapter 1801:00
20Chapter 1901:00
21Chapter 2001:00
22Chapter 2108:00
23Chapter 2202:00
24Chapter 2301:00
25Chapter 2404:00
26Chapter 2505:00
27Chapter 2609:00
28Chapter 2702:00
29Outro: the Little Prince00:00

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