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  • Eleanor H. Porter, Eleanor H. Porter
  • Phil Chenevert
  • 16. Juni 2022
  • 06:02:00
  • Copyright:
    2022 Erika, 2022 Erika
The orphan girl Pollyanna moves in with her strict aunt in New England. Despite a difficult... mehr
Produktinformationen "Pollyanna"
The orphan girl Pollyanna moves in with her strict aunt in New England. Despite a difficult start, Pollyanna's exuberance and positivity affect everyone who meets her, and she spreads joy and love wherever she goes. But when tragedy strikes, Pollyanna finds her optimistic attitude tested, and she must learn to find happiness again. A heartwarming tale that has become one of the most loved children's stories of all time, Eleanor H. Porter's 1913 best-seller—the first in a long series of Pollyanna novels by the author and other writers—is a beautiful story with a powerful moral message.
Kapitel Titel Spielzeit 1 Miss Polly 09:00 2 Old Tom and Nancy 07:00 3 The... mehr
1Miss Polly09:00
2Old Tom and Nancy07:00
3The Coming of Pollyanna14:00
4The Little Attic Room16:00
5The Game10:00
6A Question of Duty16:00
7Pollyanna and Punishments11:00
8Pollyanna Pays a Visit17:00
9Which Tells of the Man08:00
10A Surprise for Mrs. Snow16:00
11Introducing Jimmy18:00
12Before the Ladies' Aid07:00
13In Pendleton Woods12:00
14Just a Matter of Jelly10:00
15Dr. Chilton17:00
16A Red Rose and a Lace Shawl13:00
17"Just Like a Book"11:00
19Which Is Somewhat Surprising06:00
20Which Is More Surprising11:00
21A Question Answered12:00
22Sermons and Woodboxes15:00
23An Accident10:00
24John Pendleton12:00
25A Waiting Game11:00
26A Door Ajar06:00
27Two Visits14:00
28The Game and Its Players24:00
29Through an Open Window09:00
30Jimmy Takes the Helm05:00
31A New Uncle03:00
32Which Is a Letter from Pollyanna02:00

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