Eleanor H. Porter's Complete Pollyanna Collection - Pollyanna & Pollyanna Grows Up

Eleanor H. Porter's Complete Pollyanna Collection - Pollyanna & Pollyanna Grows Up
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  • Eleanor H. Porter, Eleanor H. Porter
  • Phil Chenevert, Mary Anderson
  • 1. August 2021
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  • ab 8 Jahre
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Eleanor H. Porter's Complete Pollyanna Collection includes the first and second Glad Book by... mehr
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Eleanor H. Porter's Complete Pollyanna Collection includes the first and second Glad Book by Eleanor H. Porter.
Pollyanna is a 1913 novel by American author Eleanor H. Porter, considered a classic of children's literature. The book's success led to Porter's soon writing a sequel, Pollyanna Grows Up (1915). Eleven more Pollyanna sequels, known as Glad Books, were later published, most of them written by Elizabeth Borton or Harriet Lummis Smith. Further sequels followed, including Pollyanna Plays the Game by Colleen L. Reece, published in 1997. Due to the book's fame, Pollyanna has become a byword for someone who - like the title character - has an unfailingly optimistic outlook; a subconscious bias towards the positive is often described as the Pollyanna principle. Despite the current common use of the term to mean 'excessively cheerful', Pollyanna and her father played the glad game as a method of coping with the real difficulties and sorrows that, along with luck and joy, shape every life. Pollyanna has been adapted for film several times. Some of the best known are the 1920 version starring Mary Pickford, and Disney's 1960 version starring child actress Hayley Mills, who won a special Oscar for the role.
Pollyanna Grows Up is a 1915 children's novel by Eleanor H. Porter. It is the first of many sequels to Porter's best-selling Pollyanna (1913), but is the only one written by Porter herself; the numerous later additions to the Pollyanna franchise were the work of other authors.
Kapitel Titel Spielzeit 1 Pollyanna: Opening Credits 00:00 2 Pollyanna: Chapter 1... mehr
1Pollyanna: Opening Credits00:00
2Pollyanna: Chapter 109:00
3Pollyanna: Chapter 206:00
4Pollyanna: Chapter 314:00
5Pollyanna: Chapter 416:00
6Pollyanna: Chapter 510:00
7Pollyanna: Chapter 616:00
8Pollyanna: Chapter 711:00
9Pollyanna: Chapter 817:00
10Pollyanna: Chapter 908:00
11Pollyanna: Chapter 1016:00
12Pollyanna: Chapter 1117:00
13Pollyanna: Chapter 1207:00
14Pollyanna: Chapter 1312:00
15Pollyanna: Chapter 1410:00
16Pollyanna: Chapter 1517:00
17Pollyanna: Chapter 1613:00
18Pollyanna: Chapter 1711:00
19Pollyanna: Chapter 1810:00
20Pollyanna: Chapter 1906:00
21Pollyanna: Chapter 2011:00
22Pollyanna: Chapter 2112:00
23Pollyanna: Chapter 2215:00
24Pollyanna: Chapter 2310:00
25Pollyanna: Chapter 2412:00
26Pollyanna: Chapter 2510:00
27Pollyanna: Chapter 2606:00
28Pollyanna: Chapter 2713:00
29Pollyanna: Chapter 2823:00
30Pollyanna: Chapter 2909:00
31Pollyanna: Chapter 3005:00
32Pollyanna: Chapter 3103:00
33Pollyanna: Chapter 3202:00
34Pollyanna: Closing Credits00:00
35Pollyanna Grows Up: Opening Credits00:00
36Pollyanna Grows Up: Chapter 119:00
37Pollyanna Grows Up: Chapter 225:00
38Pollyanna Grows Up: Chapter 320:00
39Pollyanna Grows Up: Chapter 416:00
40Pollyanna Grows Up: Chapter 532:00
41Pollyanna Grows Up: Chapter 616:00
42Pollyanna Grows Up: Chapter 715:00
43Pollyanna Grows Up: Chapter 818:00
44Pollyanna Grows Up: Chapter 914:00
45Pollyanna Grows Up: Chapter 1020:00
46Pollyanna Grows Up: Chapter 1116:00
47Pollyanna Grows Up: Chapter 1215:00
48Pollyanna Grows Up: Chapter 1324:00
49Pollyanna Grows Up: Chapter 1412:00
50Pollyanna Grows Up: Chapter 1510:00
51Pollyanna Grows Up: Chapter 1619:00
52Pollyanna Grows Up: Chapter 1719:00
53Pollyanna Grows Up: Chapter 1814:00
54Pollyanna Grows Up: Chapter 1916:00
55Pollyanna Grows Up: Chapter 2016:00
56Pollyanna Grows Up: Chapter 2114:00
57Pollyanna Grows Up: Chapter 2217:00
58Pollyanna Grows Up: Chapter 2308:00
59Pollyanna Grows Up: Chapter 2417:00
60Pollyanna Grows Up: Chapter 2516:00
61Pollyanna Grows Up: Chapter 2611:00
62Pollyanna Grows Up: Chapter 2714:00
63Pollyanna Grows Up: Chapter 2815:00
64Pollyanna Grows Up: Chapter 2912:00
65Pollyanna Grows Up: Chapter 3011:00
66Pollyanna Grows Up: Chapter 3122:00
67Pollyanna Grows Up: Chapter 3209:00
68Pollyanna Grows Up: Closing Credits00:00

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