The Girl in the Mirror - Horla's Visit

The Girl in the Mirror - Horla's Visit
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  • 9781803134550
  • James Walker, James Walker
  • Christine Dawe
  • 21. November 2022
  • 05:30:03
  • 9-11 Jahre
  • Copyright:
    2020 James Walker, 2020 James Walker
When Horla's best friend Carar moves to another town, she wishes for a new friend, one that... mehr
Produktinformationen "The Girl in the Mirror - Horla's Visit"
When Horla's best friend Carar moves to another town, she wishes for a new friend, one that comes from a parallel world to Ivarnio, a parallel world where she becomes invisible and has special powers... A parallel world called Earth.
On Earth, Lucy sits sad and lonely in her bedroom, having waved off her own best friend Eleanor for a new life in Liverpool. Suddenly, Horla's face appears in Lucy's dressing table mirror, and quickly a unique friendship is formed.
Getting up to all kinds of mischief that baffles children and adults alike, together they are the perfect pair. That is, until, Eleanor says she misses Lucy terribly and begs to see her. Soaring up into the sky, Horla and Lucy set off on an adventure to meet her, and when Horla tries to help her make new friends, Eleanor is set the challenge of carrying out a very dangerous rescue; a rescue no other child would ever dare to attempt... The son of a merchant seaman, James Walker was born in Liverpool in 1948 and is a retired engineer who started work in a foundry making ships' propellers before going on to make undercarriages for the Red Arrows. James is married with two grown up children and loves spending time with his three granddaughters.
Sprache: Englisch
Kapitel Titel 1 Opening Credits 2 Chapter 1: The Ghost In The Room 3 Chapter 2:... mehr
1Opening Credits
2Chapter 1: The Ghost In The Room
3Chapter 2: Eleanor Leaves For Liverpool
4Chapter 3: Horla Makes An Appearance
5Chapter 4: Lucy's Not Believed
6Chapter 5: The Mystery Of The Hairbrush
7Chapter 6: The Snowfall And Boomerang Pasty
8Chapter 7: Horla Explains Her Powers
9Chapter 8: Dad Gets A Bloody Nose
10Chapter 9: The Girls Need A Plan
11Chapter 10: The Alien In The Room
12Chapter 11: The Girls Go Shopping
13Chapter 12: Horla Meets Pip
14Chapter 13: The Disappearance Of Tartan Ted Revealed
15Chapter 14: The Dress, Reverse Physics And The Bubble
16Chapter 15: The Visit To Liverpool
17Chapter 16: Eleanor Rescues The Cat
18Chapter 17: The "Dancing In Water" Incident
19Chapter 18: The "Strange Coincidence" Of Lucy's Double
20Chapter 19: The Mystery Of The Camera And The Boy
21Chapter 20: The Search For The Boy Starts
22Chapter 21: The Sorry Tale Of Alex And Speedy
23Chapter 22: The Limestone Pavement And The Runner
24Chapter 23: The Pothole
25Chapter 24: The Rescue
26Chapter 25: A Most Unusual Journey Home
27Closing Credits

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