The Invasion

The Invasion
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  • William Le Queux, William Le Queux
  • Tom Weiss
  • 26. Februar 2022
  • 10:31:00
  • Copyright:
    2022 Erika, 2022 Erika
What if German forces landed on the east coast of England and advanced on London while the... mehr
Produktinformationen "The Invasion"
What if German forces landed on the east coast of England and advanced on London while the British were struggling to mount a counter-attack? That's premise of William Le Queux's The Invasion of 1910, one of the most popular "invasion fiction" novels of all time. The novel revolves around Germany's rising naval power and its threat to a weak Britain, unprepared for war politically, physically and psychologically. As the Germans occupy half of London, a junior Parliamentarian declares "Britain is not defeated." A newly formed Army liberates London, but the war is far from over. "The Invasion" was serialised in the Daily Mail in 1906 as tension of battleship construction threatened to erupt into military conflict between Germany and Britain.
Kapitel Titel Spielzeit 1 Preface and the Surprise 32:00 2 Effect in the City... mehr
1Preface and the Surprise32:00
2Effect in the City18:00
3News of the Enemy25:00
4A Prophecy Fulfilled16:00
5State of Siege Declared23:00
6How the Enemy Dealt the Blow25:00
7Desperate Fighting in Essex54:00
8Defence at Last31:00
9British Success at Royston24:00
10British Abandon Colchester19:00
11Fierce Fighting at Chelmsford25:00
12The Lines of London22:00
13Repluse of the Germans19:00
14Battle of Epping33:00
15Bombardment of London35:00
16The Rain of Death27:00
17Fall of London28:00
18Germans Sacking the Banks41:00
19Defences of South London18:00
20Revolts in Shoreditch and Islington25:00
21A Blow for Freedom30:00
22Scenes at Waterloo Bridge12:00
23Great British Victory21:00
24Massacre of Germans in London18:00
25How the War Ended10:00

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