Wizzy's Words

Wizzy's Words
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  • 9781800466395
  • Jacqueline E Alexander, Jacqueline E Alexander
  • Alexander Abineri
  • 28. September 2021
  • 01:29:00
  • 0-5 Jahre
  • Copyright:
    2021 Jacqueline E Alexander, 2021 Jacqueline E Alexander
Wizzy's Words is a book of modern nursery rhymes, providing a well-researched resource for... mehr
Produktinformationen "Wizzy's Words"
Wizzy's Words is a book of modern nursery rhymes, providing a well-researched resource for parents, carers, family and educational practitioners, to share with children from birth. We all love the nursery rhymes we grew up with, learning to recite them continues to be fun. However, traditional nursery rhymes contain the vocabulary from their times. Nearly 25% of children continue to miss age-appropriate targets, for oral vocabulary, by the end of their reception year. Although many of the rhymes follow traditional tunes, Wizzy's Words rhymes contain the oral vocabulary, associated with educational and life-long success in our times. The rhymes have been designed to appeal to all children regardless of ability.
As children need to hear words before they can say, read and write words, Wizzy's Words will be available in paperback, ebook and audiobook formats. The variety of formats and the range of children's school entry needs, means that Wizzy's Words can be adapted from 1-1, to small group and whole class sharing/teaching in the pre-school and school setting. Primarily, however, sharing the rhymes vocally and aurally, before pre-school and school entry and in the same 1-1 fashion that traditional rhymes have been shared, will underpin successful early oral vocabulary development. Jacqueline E Alexander is a primary school teacher with a masters in psychology. Research and classroom observations led her to develop a set of rhymes, 'Wizzy's Words'. Sharing these rhymes with pre-schoolers gives them the opportunity to develop the essential, school entry, oral vocabulary that underpins educational and life-long success.
Kapitel Titel Spielzeit 1 Opening Credits 00:00 2 Introduction 04:00 3 Guide... mehr
1Opening Credits00:00
3Guide to Using Wizzy’s Words06:00
4Number 1: Teddy, Teddy, Little Bear01:00
5Number 2: Look! Look! Bedtime01:00
6Number 3: Wizzy, Wizzy…01:00
7Number 4: Monday’s Bowl…01:00
8Number 5 : One, Two, Hello to You01:00
9Number 6: One, Two, Hello to You01:00
10Number 7: Rain, Rain, Go Away01:00
11Number 8: Train, Train, Chuff Away01:00
12Number 9: Two Little Dinosaurs01:00
13Number 10: Dog and Cat…01:00
14Number 11: The Great, Big, Bad Old Fox01:00
15Number 12: Hungry, Hungry Chicken01:00
16Number 13: Oh! Puddle, Puddle!01:00
17Number 14: Catch the Ball, Baby01:00
18Number 15: Tickle, Tickle Monkey01:00
19Number 16: Little Cold Bee01:00
20Number 17a: Pretty, White Flower01:00
21Number 17b: Snowy, White Tiger01:00
22Number 18: Mousy, Mousy, So Unwary01:00
23Number 19a: Knock-a-Knock01:00
24Number 19b: Knock-a-Knock01:00
25Number 20: Wizzy Put Your Jacket On01:00
26Number 21: Foot, Finger…01:00
27Number 22: ‘Thanks!’ Say the Flowers!01:00
28Number 23: Ride a Red Bus to Elephant Zoo01:00
29Number 24: Swing-a-Swing a Teddy01:00
30Number 25: Read a Book Baby01:00
31Number 26: Throw and Catch the Bubbles01:00
32Number 27: Explore, Dinosaurs’ Roars01:00
33Number 28: Plane Fly, Plane High01:00
34Number 29: It’s Snowing and Cold01:00
35Number 30: The Frog So Green01:00
36Number 31: There Was a Little Dog01:00
37Number 32: This Hungry Monkey01:00
38Number 33: Two White Bikes01:00
39Number 34: Doctor, Doctor, I Feel Sick01:00
40Number 35: Rubbish, Rubbish, in the Park01:00
41Number 36: Slippers, Toothbrush, Sleepy Head01:00
42Number 37: Coffee, Coffee, Bottle Too01:00
43Number 38: Balloon, Balloon, Pretty Thing01:00
44Number 39: Cookie, Cookie, in My Mouth01:00
45Number 40: Pillow, Pillow, You’re All Mine!01:00
46Number 41: Welcome, Welcome, Garden Green01:00
47Number 42: My Paper, My Pencil…01:00
48Number 43: Days Lighter, Nights Darker…01:00
49Number 44: Car Talking to Garage…!01:00
50Number 45: Here Dancing to Radio…01:00
51Number 46: Is Daddy the Gorilla…01:00
52Number 47: Eat, Apples and Oranges…01:00
53Number 48: Oh! Turkey and Turtle…01:00
54Number 49: No, Crackers and Burgers…01:00
55Number 50: Put Butter and Ice-Cream…01:00
56Number 51: A Tissue, a Tissue…01:00
57Number 52: My Belly Is Empty…01:00
58Number 53: We’re Wearing Glasses…01:00
59Number 54: I’ve Broken the Mirror…01:00
60Number 55: Off, Hooting to Station…01:00
61Number 56: Put Crayons and All Dolls…01:00
62Number 57: It’s Crispy and Crunchy…01:00
63Number 58: Whilst Eating My Dinner…01:00
64Number 59: I’m Running and Skipping…01:00
65Number 60: We’re Washing and Dressing…01:00
66Number 61: My Bright, Shiny Penny…01:00
67Number 62: You’re Ready and Steady…01:00
68Number 63: On Trainers, Off Trainers…01:00
69Number 64: It’s Seven, It’s Seven…01:00
70Number 65: From City to City…01:00
71Number 66: Oh! Numbers, Oh! Numbers…01:00
72Number 67: Oh! Numbers, Oh! Numbers…01:00
73Number 68: Oh! Numbers, Oh! Numbers…01:00
74Number 69: Oh! Numbers, Oh! Numbers…01:00
75Number 70: Happy Birthday to You, Not Me!01:00
76Full List of Wizzy's Words07:00
77Closing Credits00:00

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