Words Are Magic - Learn To Use Words To Change Your Life

Words Are Magic - Learn To Use Words To Change Your Life
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  • 9781990327001
  • Ray Brown, Ray Brown
  • Ray Brown
  • 1. März 2021
  • 03:16:42
  • Copyright:
    2021 Ray Brown, 2021 Ray Brown
If you listen to words long enough, they just become noise. My life at times seems like it's... mehr
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If you listen to words long enough, they just become noise. My life at times seems like it's stuck in second gear, and other times I feel I am high on energy and can do anything, but that feeling quickly fades. It's the whispers in the shadows that suck me back into the void. The void, according to my perspective, is the society that I've placed myself within. 
Words eventually do turn into stories. Stories are where the magic comes to life. The vibrations in words, the voice that utters those vibrations, can cast spells.  
Have you ever read a book that you couldn't put down? Have you ever watched a television show you couldn't stop watching? Have you ever been in love, and all you can do at that time is think of them every moment of the day? Have you ever had your heart broken so badly that you wanted to end your life?  
All these scenarios used words that put a spell on you. Any spell requires you to buy into a story, and everything has a story. You're either a watcher or a storyteller. Either way, you're part of a system that banks on your way of thinking. In this book, I use poetry to explain the moments of my life experiences. You may find something to relate with through these words. I'm hoping to share with you my stories on how words changed my life. We are more than the titles we hold and the roles we play. We're more than what we've settled for in our lifetime. We can't define ourselves by measuring ourselves to others' standards of living. One should measure themselves on their own accord from their life lessons. 
In this book, I share with you my thoughts on love, dating, relationships. Why we love; how we parent; why we have fear? I also share with you my experiences with the metaphysical part of my existence. The part of us that is connected to everything. The part of us where we get "Plugged" into the dream world. Where do you think we go when we dream? 
I hope you enjoy this book as much as I enjoyed writing it and take from it whatever it brings to you.
Here are the Chapters of this Audiobook: 

- Introduction
- Motherly Love
- The Connection
- Family Drama
- The Mark
- Self
- Wishing
- Happiness
- Reality
- Giving Up
- Intention
- What Is Love?
- One
- Black Magic
- Found You
- Scent Of Love
- I Love. I Dream
- Moonlight
- Love Like Ours
- Spring Fever
- Gone Before Start
- Can't Imagine It
- A Love Upon A Time
- Girl Next Door
- Born Before My Time Ray Brown, is a writer, podcaster who has vast knowledge in the fields of psychology, sociology, meditation, mindfulness, spirituality, sleep, stress, confidence, happiness and relationships.  His past projects have reached millions of people online.  His current pursuit is to increase the state of happiness within people around the planet. Getting them to focus more on themselves; to show them how to believe more in their abilities; to discover the hidden secrets, gifts and power that they've had within them and around them all their lives. FROM ENTREPRENEURSHIP TO PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT   In his "previous" life he was in the corporate world, creating online companies and taking them public. Spent his time meeting with Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Guggenheim Partners, and Dominick & Dominick. However, he quickly realized it wasn't for me and dove into personal development. Ray spent eight years teaching people how to control their emotions, fear and insecurities. He's always believed that people are conditioned not to tap into their full potential, their highest level of confidence and ability to balance their mind, body and soul.    IMPACTING MILLIONS  For years his mission was to reach millions of people, he did that with his online media companies, but he wanted to reach them on a personal level with their personal issues. Thus, his passion for creating motivational thought-provoking content for the masses. As the word got out about what he was doing, he started getting approached by various experts who wanted help and enlightenment. Sadly, in most cases, fear, confusion, and perceived complexity rendered them paralyzed.   "007" BOND LIFESTYLE  Life is not just about business and building courses. he does his best to maintain balance, embrace all aspects of humanity and try to constantly seek opportunities to challenge himself on the physical, mental and spiritual levels. For a decade, he's been exploring unconventional paths whether it's alternative healing practices, surfing in Hawaii, exploring tantric energy/healing, exploring Quantum worlds, or doing ice baths in frozen lakes – all of it while running his businesses.
Sprache: Englisch
Kapitel Titel 1 Introduction 2 Motherly Love 3 The Connection 4 Family Drama... mehr
2Motherly Love
3The Connection
4Family Drama
5The Mark
10Giving Up
12What Is Love?
14Black Magic
15Found You
16Scent Of Love
17I Love I Dream
19Love Like Ours
20Spring Fever
21Gone Before Start
22Can't Imagine It
23A Love Upon A Time
24Girl Next Door
25Born Before My Time

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