The World of Fairy Tales, Vol. 2 - The big audiobook box

The World of Fairy Tales, Vol. 2 - The big audiobook box
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  • 9783955978549
  • Hans Christian Andersen, Brothers Grimm, Hans Christian Andersen, Jürgen Fritsche
  • Jürgen Fritsche
  • 13. August 2021
  • 01:00:01
  • ab 10 Jahre
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150 fairy tales in one audiobook! Great stories for kids and adults, world famous tales as well... mehr
Produktinformationen "The World of Fairy Tales, Vol. 2 - The big audiobook box"
150 fairy tales in one audiobook! Great stories for kids and adults, world famous tales as well as hidden gems! Included: A pdf document with complete track list.
Sprache: Deutsch
Kapitel Titel 1 Bearskin 01 2 Bearskin 02 3 Bearskin 03 4 The willow-wren... mehr
1Bearskin 01
2Bearskin 02
3Bearskin 03
4The willow-wren and the bear 01
5The willow-wren and the bear 02
6Sweet porridge
7Wise folks 01
8Wise folks 02
9Stories about snakes
10The poor miller's boy and the cat 01
11The poor miller's boy and the cat 02
12The two travelers 01
13The two travelers 02
14The two travelers 03
15The two travelers 04
16The two travelers 05
17The two travelers 06
18Hans the hedgehog 01
19Hans the hedgehog 02
20Hans the hedgehog 03
21The shroud
22The jew among thorns 01
23The jew among thorns 02
24The jew among thorns 03
25The skilful huntsman 01
26The skilful huntsman 02
27The skilful huntsman 03
28The flail from heaven
29The two kings' children 01
30The two kings' children 02
31The two kings' children 03
32The two kings' children 04
33The two kings' children 05
34The cunning little tailor 01
35The cunning little tailor 02
36The bright sun brings it to light
37The blue light 01
38The blue light 02
39The wilful child
40The three army-surgeons 01
41The three army-surgeons 02
42The seven Swabians 01
43The seven Swabians 02
44The three apprentices 01
45The three apprentices 02
46The king's son who feared nothing 01
47The king's son who feared nothing 02
48The king's son who feared nothing 03
49Donkey cabbages 01
50Donkey cabbages 02
51Donkey cabbages 03
52Donkey cabbages 04
53The old woman in the wood
54The three brothers
55The devil and his grandmother 01
56The devil and his grandmother 02
57Ferdinand the faithful 01
58Ferdinand the faithful 02
59Ferdinand the faithful 03
60The iron stove 01
61The iron stove 02
62The iron stove 03
63The lazy spinner
64The four skilful brothers 01
65The four skilful brothers 02
66One-eye, Two-eyes, and Three-eyes 01
67One-eye, Two-eyes, and Three-eyes 02
68One-eye, Two-eyes, and Three-eyes 03
69One-eye, Two-eyes, and Three-eyes 04
70Fair Katrinelje and Pif-Paf-Poltrie
71The fox and the horse
72The shoes that were danced to pieces 01
73The shoes that were danced to pieces 02
74The six servants 01
75The six servants 02
76The six servants 03
77The six servants 04
78The white bride and the black one 01
79The white bride and the black one 02
80Iron John 01
81Iron John 02
82Iron John 03
83Iron John 04
84Iron John 05
85The three black princesses
86Knoist and his three sons
87The maid of Brakel
88Domestic servants
89The lambkin and the little fish
90Simeli mountain
91Going a-traveling
92The donkey 01
93The donkey 02
94The ungrateful son
95The turnip 01
96The turnip 02
97The old man made young again
98The Lord's animals and the Devil's
99The beam
100The old beggar-woman
101The three sluggards
102The twelve idle servants 01
103The twelve idle servants 02
104The shepherd boy
105The star-money
106The stolen farthings
107Brides on their trial
108Odds and ends
109The sparrow and his four children 01
110The sparrow and his four children 02
111The story of the Schlauraffen-Land
112The Ditmarsch tale of wonders
113A riddling tale
114Snow-white and Rose-red 01
115Snow-white and Rose-red 02
116Snow-white and Rose-red 03
117The wise servant
118The glass coffin 01
119The glass coffin 02
120The glass coffin 03
121Lazy Harry 01
122Lazy Harry 02
123The griffin 01
124The griffin 02
125The griffin 03
126The griffin 04
127Strong Hans 01
128Strong Hans 02
129Strong Hans 03
130Strong Hans 04
131The peasant in heaven
132Lean Lisa
133The hut in the forest 01
134The hut in the forest 02
135The hut in the forest 03
136Sharing joy and sorrow
137The willow-wren 01
138The willow-wren 02
139The sole
140The bittern and the hoopoe
141The owl
142The moon
143The duration of life
144Death's messengers
145Master Pfriem or Master Cobbler's awl 01
146Master Pfriem or Master Cobbler's awl 02
147The goose-girl at the well 01
148The goose-girl at the well 02
149The goose-girl at the well 03
150The goose-girl at the well 04
151The goose-girl at the well 05
152The goose-girl at the well 06
153Eve's various children
154The nix of the mill-pond 01
155The nix of the mill-pond 02
156The nix of the mill-pond 03
157The little folks' presents
158The giant and the tailor
159The nail
160The poor boy in the grave 01
161The poor boy in the grave 02
162The true sweethearts 01
163The true sweethearts 02
164The true sweethearts 03
165The true sweethearts 04
166The hare and the hedgehog 01
167The hare and the hedgehog 02
168The spindle, the shuttle, and the needle 01
169The spindle, the shuttle, and the needle 02
170The peasant and the devil
171The crumbs on the table
172The sea-hare 01
173The sea-hare 02
174The master-thief 01
175The master-thief 02
176The master-thief 03
177The master-thief 04
178The drummer 01
179The drummer 02
180The drummer 03
181The drummer 04
182The drummer 05
183The ear of corn
184The grave-mound 01
185The grave-mound 02
186Old Rinkrank
187The crystal ball 01
188The crystal ball 02
189Maid Maleen 01
190Maid Maleen 02
191Maid Maleen 03
192The boots of buffalo-leather 01
193The boots of buffalo-leather 02
194The golden key
195The elf of the rose 01
196The elf of the rose 02
197The elf of the rose 03
198The storks 01
199The storks 02
200The storks 03
201The story of the year 01
202The story of the year 02
203The story of the year 03
204The story of the year 04
205The story of the year 05
206The elfin hill 01
207The elfin hill 02
208The elfin hill 03
209On Judgment Day 01
210On Judgment Day 02
211A cheerful temper 01
212A cheerful temper 02
213The nightingale 01
214The nightingale 02
215The nightingale 03
216The nightingale 04
217The nightingale 05
218„There is a difference!“ 01
219„There is a difference!“ 02
220The garden of paradise 01
221The garden of paradise 02
222The garden of paradise 03
223The garden of paradise 04
224The garden of paradise 05
225The garden of paradise 06
226The garden of paradise 07
227Ole Luk-Oie, the Dream-God 01
228Ole Luk-Oie, the Dream-God 02
229Ole Luk-Oie, the Dream-God 03
230Ole Luk-Oie, the Dream-God 04
231Ole Luk-Oie, the Dream-God 05
232Who was the luckiest? 01
233Who was the luckiest? 02
234Under the willow tree 01
235Under the willow tree 02
236Under the willow tree 03
237Under the willow tree 04
238Under the willow tree 05
239Under the willow tree 06
240Under the willow tree 07
241Under the willow tree 08
242The thistle's experiences 01
243The thistle's experiences 02
244A great grief
245The little elder-tree mother 01
246The little elder-tree mother 02
247The little elder-tree mother 03
248The little elder-tree mother 04
249The swan's nest
250Holger Danske 01
251Holger Danske 02
252Holger Danske 03
253In a thousand years
254Everything in the right place 01
255Everything in the right place 02
256Everything in the right place 03
257Everything in the right place 04
258Everything in the right place 05
259A story 01
260A story 02
261A story 03
262The old street lamp 01
263The old street lamp 02
264The old street lamp 03
265The old street lamp 04
266The neighboring families 01
267The neighboring families 02
268The neighboring families 03
269The neighboring families 04
270The neighboring families 05
271A rose from Homer's grave
272The old house 01
273The old house 02
274The old house 03
275The old house 04
276The story of a mother 01
277The story of a mother 02
278The story of a mother 03
279A picture from the fortress wall
280Jack the dullard 01
281Jack the dullard 02
282The bell-deep 01
283The bell-deep 02
284The pigs
285By the almshouse window
286The golden treasure 01
287The golden treasure 02
288The golden treasure 03
289The golden treasure 04
290The money-box
291The old church bell 01
292The old church bell 02
293The old church bell 03
294The silver shilling 01
295The silver shilling 02
296Two brothers
297The snail and the rose-tree
298The last dream of the old oak 01
299The last dream of the old oak 02
300The last dream of the old oak 03
301The last pearl
302Children's prattle
303The farm-yard cock and the weathercock
304The pen and the inkstand
305The girl who trod on the loaf 01
306The girl who trod on the loaf 02
307The girl who trod on the loaf 03
308The girl who trod on the loaf 04
309The girl who trod on the loaf 05
311The Phoenix bird
312The leprechaun and the trader 01
313The leprechaun and the trader 02
314Little Tuk 01
315Little Tuk 02
316The bell 01
317The bell 02
318The bell 03
319The races 01
320The races 02
321The storm shakes the shield 01
322The storm shakes the shield 02
323In the uttermost parts of the sea

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